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Specific Young Living links are grouped below: view and sign up for programs we have found useful for sharing the lifestyle and developing a Young Living business.

Triharmony Success Bundle: a one time purchase, a collection of documents/scripts very simple to use with no need for additions for sharing & describing the gamut of YL product categories.

Marketing Scents: an subscription based email newsletter for periodic educational YL product information -initiated by entering email addresses.  Excellent for future or new customers.

Click here to visit Marketing Scents

Zyto Compass Testing: good for fairs or expos, but not essential for a Young Living business. By placing a hand on the cradle for about 7 minutes this program produces a report showing the body’s biological preferences/needs for optimum balance.  It works by biofeedback, transmitting signals back and forth between the body and the computer,  and provides results in pdf format for printing or email.  The data base on your computer is updated by syncing with the Zyto server.  The license is a monthly subscription program.

Click here to visit Zyto Compass

VICKI OPHER on Sharing Young Living:

The Bio Mat: research describes reduced inflammation, migraines and tension headaches, joint pain, increased circulation, cardiovascular health, improved immune system.  Cancer patients may also be interested in the benefits of thermotherapy (using the Biomat) which takes advantage of cancer cells’ sensitivity to heat. 

The Bio Mat Professional or mini can be purchased here.

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